Blig, Blag, Blog

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The words “blig, blag, blog” sizzle a bit on my tongue as I contemplate

the pitter-patter of thoughts that won’t leave my brain. I keep putting

them off until the soft pitter-patter turns into a crashing intensity that

tells me I must act on them.

Not long ago, my oldest granddaughter taught me the noun

onomatopoeia: the formation of a word from a sound associated with

what is named. That is what the other words in italics above are called

(in case you were in the dark as well). She laughed as I kept trying to

pronounce the word and was surprised that, as a teacher, I didn’t know

what an onomatopoeia was. It was a delightful exchange that left my

heart happy and reminded me how much more there is to learn and

share. One way to accomplish learning and sharing is through writing a


All this buzz is to introduce my blog: A Grand Perspective. The title

refers to the perspective taken from the lens of a grandmother watching

her children, her grandchildren, and all children around her

interact with the world around them. I hope to provide insights that

you’ll want to chomp on and be able to apply in your own life and share

with the children who know you as a grandparent, parent, teacher, or


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