“Shama said she had extra water in her eyes so they leaked a lot. Lila’s eyes leaked, too, when Shama had to go back home. They leaked the most when Shama had to leave the earth. Lila felt as if her eyes were raining and would never stop!” 


In this tender Children’s Book, SHAM'S BOWS, children will experience Lila’s journey as she moves through the grief she feels. She uses what she has learned from her Shama Grandma to bring out the colors of the rainbow from the rain she feels in her heart.

Shama's Bows

Rhonda: My Nonna and Inspiration

Some people just seem to be born into this world with a personality larger than life! They hear, feel, see, and sense things on a deeper level than most of us. My sister Rhonda was one of those people (I gave her the nickname Nonna when I was little.) It was as if Nonna had on a pair of glasses that made her world look so much different than mine. I saw things neat and orderly; she saw things scattered in an array of movement and color. I wanted to learn things piece by piece, where she wanted to take it all in at once. I was cautious and careful, while she was adventurous and threw caution to the wind. We loved each other deeply, but I was more reserved with my feelings. Her feelings were out there for the world to see. As sisters, we were a good fit!





Nowhere was her zest for life more apparent than watching her as a mother and grandmother. She cuddled more, laughed harder, played longer, and shared her love of life in every way with her sweet daughters and grandchildren. She left this world way too early but soaked in and gave so much love while she was here. Shama's Bows is my tribute to this remarkable woman. I felt her presence as I wrote each word. It is dedicated to her posterity, who continue sharing her goodness with those around them.