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A grandma is warm hugs and sweet memories. She remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes. – Barbara Cage

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Being a grandmother is like being the whipped cream on top of an ice cream sundae! It’s fun, light and
delicious! My grandchildren call me Mimi, a nickname my sister gave me when we were little girls. My
heart melts every time I hear my grandkiddo's sweet voices say,” Mimi”.

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is one of the sweetest relationships that can be
found. Both my husband and I know our life was more complete because of the love of our
grandparents. Because my book, Shama Grandma, is about a grandmother, I thought it would be fun to
hear your stories about grandmothers as well. Enjoy these stories and click the link below to share your

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This is my Grandmama, she was just as precious as they come. She was my inspiration in so many things. She gave me my red hair, my temperament, my fierce need of independence, and my love of education and music! She inspired me in so many ways. She went to Business School, she loved Family History, she loved reading, she loved MUSIC! I have so many memories of listening to her play piano, and she LOVED listening to us sing and play our instruments. I will always remember how she loved playing dominoes and solitaire and cheating a little to make sure she won! ;-) She loved ice cream and fajitas and a good buffet! I have so many summer road trip memories of her and countless summers spent canning at her house in eastern Washington. I’m so thankful my kids knew and loved her, it is a priceless gift. I loved seeing them love on her and seeing her light up when we came to see her. She was a quiet giant full of love for us and for those around her. She was poised and professional and knew how to work HARD! She taught me so many life lessons and I’m so grateful for that. I always knew she loved me unconditionally! I’ll always be thankful that SHE was my Grandma, one of my everything’s!

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     I did not grow up with grandmothers. The only one I had ever met was Lucille- my mother’s mom. We used to visit her once a year as a family, but Lucille died when I was 8 and those memories have faded but one. 

     The summer before she died; we had gone to Idaho to visit my great grandmother with Lucille, my mom and brothers. One evening I watched as she brought out all of her medications. Large amber glass bottles filled with pills. She saw my face staring at them and laughed. I can’t remember what she said, but I remember her pretty smile and lovely laugh.

     All those pills were for Lucille’s multiple health problems, the main one being that she had a very painful condition called Rheumatoid Arthritis. The most common thing I have heard by anyone who talked about Lucille say, was that despite the pain she was in, she never complained. She worked and took part in life as much as she was able. I think of her with my health struggles and try to take to heart her example, to do more than I complain.  

     My mother would talk about how her mom would buy and keep a myriad of crafting projects stored in her house. She liked to think once she retired or had more time, she would get to all of them. I like that story because I think I get that from her. I like to always have more projects than I can do on hand, “in case” or for a time when I have nothing else to do.

     I remember when she died, I was listening to my mom talk to someone about her mother and she said, “She lived to be 63- a good long life.” Taking that out of context I thought 64 was the official ‘you lived a good long life’ age. At age 8 I never saw myself being 16, much less 64!

     I don’t have a cute name for her; I don’t have memories of sitting on her lap. I don’t really know that much about her, but what I know is that she is someone whose life I can emulate.  It gives me hope that my grandchildren will remember me, and feel my influence and love, long after I have gone.

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My grandma is called Maw Maw to me. She is the most selfless woman I know and my biggest fan. She would literally give you the shirt off her back, or the money in her wallet if she thought you needed it more than her. My Papa and Maw Maw have been donating time and money to a children’s orphanage for as long as I can remember.  They truly had a strong understanding that people were more important than money. She helped me through college because she saw the value in a good education. Maw Maw was the first one at the hospital and stayed for hours when my twins were coming into this world way too soon. Whenever I think about how I should be serving and loving those around me I think of her. She is the best example of Christlike service and love.

Maw Maw


This is my precious grandmother, we all called her Grammy! One of the surest ways that I know God loves me is because he gave me to my family, to her. She was my first best friend. She was my pen pal. She was my soul sister and kindred spirit and biggest fan. I miss her letters and boxes of cookies. She loved giving gifts and she loved Holidays and wearing funny socks and earrings for every occasion. She loved sports - life was college football and bowling and golfing. Until she passed, she continued to attend basketball and football games at the HS my dad and his brothers graduated from! She was an amazing community member and volunteer her entire life. She volunteered for EVERYTHING! I loved running around town with her because we stopped to talk to someone at every single stop, I truly believe that she knew everyone in her town! She loved her great grandkids and I’m thankful they have memories with her, truly precious time. Grammy taught me love. I am better because I got to love her and got to be loved by her. She taught me about the bond that a girl can have with her grandmother. She was an athlete and I always looked up to her for that. She was a friend to everyone and a stranger to no one. She taught me that it's not scary to say hello to someone you don't know, everyone was her friend. She loved a life full of charity and love and I'm so grateful that I got to be part of her world. Mine hasn’t been the same since she passed, but I am thankful for the memories!



My Grandma Smith is my loving Teacher! She taught me how to cook (add a touch of sugar to any food to make it taste better), bake french bread, dunk my toast in my hot cocoa, to can fruits and vegetables. She taught me to love flowers, gardening, singing and to love music. She taught me to love birds singing and the early morning. Best Grandma tip-drink a bit of orange juice every morning to “clear the cob webs out”! She taught me how to crochet and knit (the European way). Grandma knitted the most beautiful slippers and baby booties. Most of all she taught me to carry on! When my mother, (her oldest daughter) died of cancer, I watched my grandma grieve, but carry on. She helped all six of her granddaughters carry on by loving us and serving us. When I went to college and was sad or lonely, I knew I could go to her home for much needed rest and comfort. There was no place like “grandma’s home” to be lifted back up! She supported me and encouraged me as a young mother and taught me how to do all the things that a mother would have done. She attended all the activities she could and always brought a touch of grace with her actions. Through all her joys and sorrows, she was my rock that I could count on and hold on to … I can feel her hand holding mine …. let’s carry on together!

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Grandma Smith